Aristokraft Electronic Catalogs

2020 Catalogs

Please click on the links below to download the latest 2020 catalog updates.


September 2014 :

(10-17-14 Version 7 posted to add SCBxx32.5)

Aristokraft Standard Construction: AOK_ST47

Aristokraft Select Construction: AOK_SE47

Aristokraft Ply Select Construction: AOKAPC47



February 2014 :

(3/11/14 Version 2 posted for minor catalog corrections)

Aristokraft Standard Construction: AOK_ST42

Aristokraft Select Construction: AOK_SE42

Aristokraft Ply Select Construction: AOKAPC42


Instructions to install the catalogs:

1.  Save the zip file on your computer desktop.

2.  Open your 2020 Catalog Tools (3rd button from the left on your 2020 launch bar or go to Start-Programs-2020-Catalog Tools)

3.  In the Catalog Tools select "Install a Catalog from Archive" (zip)

4.  Proceed through the Catalog Install Wizard and select archive catalog to install by browsing for the saved catalog on your desktop.Select that catalog and open.

If you need assistance with this download, please contact your Customer Service Representative.


ProKitchen Catalogs

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